My people

An emergent collection of (links to) my people.


Prepared piano and other plaural pleasures by Philip Zoubek.

Anna Soucek, does Kunstradio and forum experimentelle architektur.

Where flounders flunder and giant squids live in school buildings: the writings of Isabel Waidner.

Alex Wilkie does sociology AND design.

O.M.A. International, tagtools, theatre, parties, wahlverwandtschaft.

Sharp and meticulous, the sociologist Noortje Marres.

Heterodox, evolutionary economics and games by Manuel Waeckerle.

The inimitable Irene Revell makes interesting things happen at Electra Productions.

Jenn Barth knows a thing or two about coffee.

For mosquitoes, malaria and buses in Ghana, consult Uli Beisel.

Enthusiasm expert, Bernd Boesel.

Ain Bailey makes me dance.

For all your floral needs, go buy my family’s flowers.

Richard Koch blows a mean trumpet.

For your financial crisis questions, Joe Deville.

Bestest film shop in Vienna, courtesy of Alex Lustig.

Melanie Gilligan makes films and and then some.

Smartest art historian in town, Sarah James.

Chris Brauer, digital sociologist, journalist and entrepreneur par excellence.

Formidable composer and sound artist, Mr James Bulley.


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