Each and all such disguises [the cocoon of A. Promethea] and other resources remind us that not some poor worm’s instinct merely, as we call it, but the mind of the universe rather, which we share, has been intended upon each particular object.
Henry David Thoreau





This is a blog and occasional series of tapes probing worldly things through the eyes, probosces, tentacles and wings of ducks and other more-than-humans.

I (Tahani Nadim) am a sociologist of science at the Natural History Museum in Berlin. I am an enthusiast by default and, at times, to a fault. Ducktapes is a place to park all the things I enthuse about which don’t make it into footnotes.

My work explores co-constitutive exchanges between knowledge, nature and technology. Particular research interests include data matters and data histories, bioscientific data infrastructures, the “database imaginary”, natural history collections and archives, classifications and orders. Originally trained as an art historian, I have previously worked at the Women’s Art Library (http://www.gold.ac.uk/make/) before moving on to social studies of science and technology. My research is primarily concerned with inventive problem-making (Fraser 2010) in and for more-than-human natures and environments.

I am currently running the clandestine research unit Bureau for Troubles at the Natural History Museum Berlin. You can find out more about this here and check out some of my publications here.
Photo: Ducks and I during a storm in 2010, Lake Attersee, Austria.


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