ducktapes debut

The debut tape explores “entranced waiting” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) in song, film and story. You can hear, among other things, a lament by Ulysses’ Penelope, some shady figures lurking at a train station, street life in Lagos, Nigeria and a very hoarse me.

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Total running time 53:24



00.00 Ogden Nash, The Fanciful World Of, Music by Glenn Osser (Capitol Records, 1961)

00:21 Gene Harris and The Three Sounds, “Sittin Duck”, in Live at the IT Club (Blue Note, 1970) 7:34 min

12:34 Claudio Monteverdi, “Lamento di Penelope” performed by Gloria Banditelli, in Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria [1639/40], cond. Alan Curtis, Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca (Nuovo Era, 1995) 10:50 min

25:53 Eddie Hinton, “Every Natural Thing”, in Dear Y’all: The Songwriting Sessions (Zane, 1976), 2:12 min

29:23 Opening sequence from Once Upon A Time in the West, dir. Sergio Leone (Rafran-San Marco, 1968)

33:11 Sonny Boy Williamson II, “A Mighty Long Time”, in King Biscuit Time (Arhoolie, 1993) 2:54 min

36:47 Bregtje van der Haak, Lagos Wide & Close: An interactive journey into an exploding city, (Submarine Media, 2002)

36:47 Jane Guyer, Marginal gains: Monetary transactions in Atlantic Africa (University of Chicago Press, 2004)

41:00 Esther Phillips, “Til my back ain’t got no bone”, in From a whisper to a scream (Kudu/CTI, 1972) 6:13

49:18 Bill Withers, “Kissing My Love”, in Still Bill (Sussex Records, 1972) 3:50 min


10 thoughts on “ducktapes debut

  1. Great concept: the music, of course, is wonderful, but also the way you attend to your “educational mandate”. I also loved just to listen to the famous opening sequence of Once Upon… listening to films instead of watching them, we should really go into that.

    Any chance of a goose feature? Because they also played a much neglected role in history, especially as guards. And guards, they watch, and watching also means waiting. Could be a nice thing to do in November, also (St. Martin).

    Sorry to say, but I CAN’T WAIT for the next show.

    • Yes! Geese fo sho! Been watching them myself round the marshes – Canada and Greylag ones. Next show will be on fish and making mistakes though. But December could be geese and watching – that should be quite seasonal. Might ask you for some pointers there.

  2. how did you interview those ducks? I realise it was edited, but you must’ve won their confidence if not their hearts. can’t wait for next one, but of course, i’ve learnt how to.

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